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Paying for Property Management

If you question the value of paying for property management to have your investment property professionally managed, I understand you.  You probably enjoy some aspects of managing and especially enjoy the savings to your bottom-line.  And also there is the reassurance that you will do the best job of protecting your interests over anyone else.


But wait.  Consider that effective property managers can increase your bottom-line, take away the aspects that you don’t enjoy, and do a great job of protecting your interests. Moreover, we can give you the best benefit of all – TIME.  More time to do what you love, or time to do less, all the while knowing that we have your best interests at heart.


If you want to create more time for the things you enjoy, you can still be involved in managing your property to a smaller degree, and have the best of both worlds. The bottom line is good property management is affordable.


One-time Management offers advertising, showing, screening, and lease signing if you just want to the lose the hassle of finding a great tenant.  Full-service Management offers the whole spectrum of management but can be tailored to your requirements (say you want to handle the maintenance).  If you want to improve your cash flow prior to sale, we can show how we would do it and manage until the sale.


Please give me a call to discuss how I can give you the gift of more time and more value with our custom property management services.



Posted by: hubbrealty on February 10, 2017
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