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For Renters Competing in the Rental Market

If you want to rent a property, you have no doubt found the experience to be a bit frustrating. With limited inventory, you usually will be competing with other applicants. It’s tough for renters competing in the rental market.

Here are some pointers…

Time is of the essence. View the property and submit your application as soon as possible.

Include all required documents with your application (Last two pay stubs or last year’s tax return if you are self-employed and a copy of your ID)

Check your income (can be combined) to make sure you have at least three times the amount of rent in gross (before taxes) monthly income. Different markets vary, but typically in the Reno/Sparks area, we would like your rent not to be more than a third of your income. If you have a lot of debt, you will need more income to offset the debt plus your rent. Typically we like to see your rent plus debt to be no more than half of your monthly income. These are guidelines and can vary by circumstance.

Many application fees are non-refundable so if you have a pet, check with the property manager first to see if your pet will be allowed. Include a photo of your pet(s) with your application. If you have a biting breed dog, be prepared for some push-back. The owner’s insurance policy may not allow the owner to have a tenant with your breed. If you have a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal, let the property manager know as your animal will be allowed with the proper documentation.

Be sure to include current contact information for your current and/or previous landlords. A fax number is helpful as most rental history verifications are done in writing (faxed). Contact your current landlord if possible to let them know they should expect a call or fax regarding your rental history.

If you have Renter’s Insurance, be ready to provide a copy of your policy. If you don’t have Renter’s Insurance, contact your agent. The owner’s policy does not protect your personal property against damages or theft. Renter’s Insurance is affordable – usually $15-$20 per month or less. It can also give you money to move if your rental becomes uninhabitable (fire/flood, etc.).

Check your credit report. I recommend Credit Karma, where you can get information to contact any debtors you may need to get in touch with to pay off debt. If you have any debt to previous landlords, utility companies, cable companies, or phone companies pay those first. Those debts could very well create a denial of your application.

Many management companies will allow you to use your approved application for up to three months for any of their available properties to help you find a property if you lose out on your first choice. Stay proactive and create good communication with your prospective property manager. Our goal is always to assist you.

Please feel free to contact me /contact-us/ if you have any questions and best of luck in your home search.

Posted by: hubbrealty on April 18, 2017
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