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Nevada Museum of Art Nightingale Sky Room

The Nevada Museum of Art Nightingale Sky Room is available year-round for private events, weddings, retreats, and community activities, making it a new northern-Nevada landmark.  Learn more about this beautiful venue.

This is my own short tour of the art around the museum just across the street from Hubb Realty!

IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508

Fruit Tree Help

Walking around our downtown/midtown office, I have discovered lots of fruit trees and have done some urban harvesting. Plums and cherries so far. Looking forward to the apples and apricots that are still coming to “fruition” – lol.  If you have a fruit tree with too much to share, check out the Reno Gleaning Project. They will harvest your fruit and share it with the food banks.

Check them out on Facebook through this link:

9 Reasons Real Estate Creates Long-Term Wealth

Here in Reno with all of the new companies moving to our area, the new mindset about real estate investing has become to “get it while you can”. Mark Twain said it a long time ago, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Most people agree that real estate creates long-term wealth.  In addition to positive cash flow on a monthly basis, the value of real estate increases over time.  Perhaps you haven’t had the best of luck in the past with your real-estate investment?  Read on to find out why this time could be different …


Client Kudos from Mia

I am writing this commendation letter for Paige Hubbard for an outstanding customer service. She is very professional in dealing with her clients and always listens and answers all her clients inquiry with a very well mannered approach. It’s my pleasure that I have met
Paige as a property manager to the apartment that I am excited to be living in with my son and call it our home. Paige would be a great asset to Hubb Realty. She is competent, professional and possess a great attitude towards her clients. Choose Hubb Realty as your next property management company, and get the chance to meet Paige to experience excellent  customer service. Thank you Paige for a job well done.
Yours Truly,
Thank you so much, Mia!  I am looking forward to having you and your son as residents! 

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