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Kudos from Francis

I was looking for an apartment, and I stumbled upon Paige’s ad on craigslist. I called her and explained my time crunch situation with my lease ending in a few days, and she did everything in her power to get me moved in almost immediately. Hubb Realty is small so that I was able to get a lot of one on one time with Paige and she was able to pay attention to all my needs. I felt like a person, and not just a customer in my dealings with her. Oh, and everything is state-of-the-art, from the viewing process of the apartment, to rent payments. If you have internet, anything pertaining to her properties is easily accessible. If not, she is very personable and goes out of her way to meet your needs.

Kudos from Maureen

Hubb Realty, and specifically Paige Hubbard!
You and your team are doing an amazing job of taking care of myself and my property! Anything that I’ve needed or asked for you have either accommodated or done your best to make happen … smoothly, professionally, and without including me on every little detail; which is a blessing to me as a homeowner and lessor! I can sit back relax and enjoy the benefits of your services. Thank you so much for everything you do I really appreciate you!


Customer since June, 2016

Kudos from Jose H.

Dear Paige,

Thank you for helping me find the right apartment.  It was a great experience working with you.  You have excellent customer skills, you listened to my needs and assisted in making sure I was happy with the apartment.  Your easy going attitude put me at ease and I was able to speak freely of any concerns I had.  Hubb Realty is lucky to have such an outstanding employee represent them.  I highly recommend using Hubb Realty to fulfill your property management needs.
Jose H.

Client Kudos from Mia

I am writing this commendation letter for Paige Hubbard for an outstanding customer service. She is very professional in dealing with her clients and always listens and answers all her clients inquiry with a very well mannered approach. It’s my pleasure that I have met
Paige as a property manager to the apartment that I am excited to be living in with my son and call it our home. Paige would be a great asset to Hubb Realty. She is competent, professional and possess a great attitude towards her clients. Choose Hubb Realty as your next property management company, and get the chance to meet Paige to experience excellent  customer service. Thank you Paige for a job well done.
Yours Truly,
Thank you so much, Mia!  I am looking forward to having you and your son as residents!